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Afghan author Partaw Naderi’s “Karzai-Najafi” story erupts rage

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Support Partaw NaderiAfghan attorney general officials confirmed they have issued arrest warrant for the Afghan author Partaw Naderi to Afghan security forces.

The officials further added the arrest warrant was issued after Partaw Naderi in one of his articles accused Afghanistan transportation and aviation minister in a political conspiracy.

A spokesman for the Afghan attorney general Basir Azizi told Radio Free Europe (RFE) transportation and aviation minister Daud Ali Najafi complained regarding the author’s article.

Mr. Azizi further added Partaw Naderi refused to clarify attorney general officials regarding his article about transportation and aviation minister and Afghan president Hamid Karzai, and denied the verbal requests of attorney general office.

Partaw Naderi published an article in a non-governmental newspaper around 7 months back under the title of “President Karzai’s talks and the story of Najafi”.

In the meantime Afghanistan transportation and aviation ministry spokesman Nangialai Qalatwal said Partaw Naderi in his article stated that Karzai was elected as Afghan president by Daud Ali Najafi.

Mr. Qalatwal further added that Mr. Najafi has called on attorney general to provide evidence and documents to prove his claims published in the article.

He said, “Is there any documents or evidence in this regard with Partaw Naderi or not and the minister has demanded to provide the documents to the concerned departments if there is any or such illegal remakrs should be prevented if the author does not have any evidence. We have sent further letters to ministry of information and culture and other judiciary institutions in this regard.”

The author has not commented in this regard so far however the latest action by the attorney general has created concerns among the journalists rights activists in the country.

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