An Afghan artist and singer claims he has been threatened to ‘death’ by members of some ‘religious extremism’ groups in Afghanistan.

A 38-year old Afghan artist and Rock singer Shekib Mosadeq has claimed in a video clip published on his official Youtube channel that he has been ‘threatened to death’ by some religious extremists in Afghanistan.

Shekib Mosadeq said members of the religious extremist groups insult him beneath his Facebook posts and recently they have threatened him to his physical elimination.

He said he is ready to meet and speak to those who have claimed to kill him and eliminate his voice.

Mosadeq who lives in Humburg, Germany has recently returned to Kabul to attend the ‘Afghan Star’ music show as a ‘judge panelist’.

“I am working as a singer and artist for humanity and you should serve the community in accordance with your thoughts rather than seeking to kill someone.”, Mosadeq called on his opponents through a video message.

By the time you were praying for your own, I was aruging for the lives of thousands of Afghan asylum seekers in Europe. I am not a Quran expert, I am an artist and a musician. You who know the Qur’an, go and work for your thoughts and present Qur’an stars to the community.

Shakib Mosadeq has performed more than 50 street concerts in almost all European countries to defend the rights of asylum seekers who fled the country to save their lives.

Mosadeq accuses extremist groups, including Mawlawi Abdul Rahman, one of the Herat religious clerics who had previously issued fatwas on the Afghan star’s program, for conspiring and threatening him.


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