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Afghan Army take security lead in 5 districts of Baghlan

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Afghan security forces undertook the security responsibilities in five districts of northern Baghlan province which were previously being controlled by coalition security forces.

The transition ceremony in Kelagay military base at Dushi district was attended by a number of high level government officials including head of the Afghan defense ministry Enayatullah Nazari, provincial governor for Baghlan province, provincial security chief and commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in northern Afghanistan.

Head of the Afghan defense ministry Enayatullah Nazari said Dushi, Khenjan, Central Baghlan district, Dahana-e-Ghori and Burka districts were handed over to Afghan security forces. NATO-led coalition security forces will continue assisting Afghan security forces in providing equipments and trainings after the security transition.

He said the security transition will help further stability in the transitioned regions since previous experiences shows that there have been no major threats to Afghan security forces which were handed over to them by NATO-led coalition security forces.

In the meantime Gen. Zulmai Wesa commander of the Shaheen national army commandment in northern Afghanistan said Afghan armed forces are prepared to control the security of the areas which have been transferred to them.

Baghlan province consists of 14 districts out which 5 districts have been handed over to Afghan security forces. Currently the remaining districts are under the control of Hungary Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), German troops and US Special Forces.

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