The Afghan military has launched a major operation in Zazai Maidan of Khost and Dand Pathan of Paktia province in the southeastern parts of the country.

The 203rd Thunder Corps of the Afghan Military in the Southeast said the operation “Fatah” was launched earlier today in the two provinces.

The source further added that the security personnel from all the institutions participate in the operations besides the personnel of the 203rd Atal Corps.

The commander of the 203rd Thunder Corps Gen. Shahoor Gul is leading the operations, according to a statement released by the Thunder Corps.

The operation in Zazai Maidan was launched a day after a deadly clash broke out between the Afghan and Pakistani forces.

The provincial government media office of Khost in a statement said the Pakistani militia forces launched attacks on security posts in Jando Sar and Bad Khawaran areas of Zazai Maidan district at around 8 am on Sunday.

The statement further added that the local residents and security personnel responded to Pakistani militia forces fire, claiming that some dead bodies of Pakistani military forces and their weapons were left in the area.

The source also added that two local residents fighting the militia forces also lost their lives during the clash.