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Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

By Khaama Press - Sun Sep 26 2010, 8:31 am

Farkhunda Zahra NaderiFarkhunda Zahra Naderi was born in 19th April 1981 in a spiritual family in Afghanistan. She commenced her primary and secondary education in Kabul and Baghlan provinces, and completed her baccalaureate in 2001 in Harrow female High School, UK.
Thereafter, Ms. Naderi entered A Level in College in England and completed her studies in Tashkent. In 2004, Ms. Naderi joined the Law Faculty at the Westminster International University in Tashkent and from 2004 to 2005 she was the representative to the faculty.  In 2007, Ms. Naderi graduated Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the mentioned University. In 2008 she was a scholar to the International Conference of Munster University International Model of United Nations (MUIMUN) in which she achieved an outstanding participation award in International Court of Justice.

Work Experience
Ms. Naderi volunteered as an English translator at the Women’s Wellness Center in Tashkent focused on Afghan Women. After completion of her higher education, she returned to her home country Afghanistan and worked in various political, social and cultural activities :

Political Activity

Ms.Farkhunda Zahra Naderi is Member of Afghanistan Parliament-Lower House- Representing Kabul Province from  Late 2010 – present
3rd March 2011- June 2nd 2012 – Member of Commission on Women’s Affairs, Human rights and civil Society
March 26th 2013 – Won Membership of Democracy and Human Rights committee of IPU – Inter Parliamentarian Union

Only Female participants in Chantilly conferences on Peace:

She participated in three consecutive Chanilly Conferences organised by Foundation for the Strategic Research

the conferences were hold in following dates:

November 29th– 2nd Dec 2011: Paris Peace Chantilly Conference: Foundation for Strategic Research

June 20th – 24th 2012: Paris Peace Chantilly Conference: Foundation for Strategic Research,

December 10th– 11th 2012: Paris Peace Chantilly Conference: Foundation for Strategic Research

Ms. Naderi joined the Hzbi Paiwandi Meli Afghanistan’s Political Party (HPMA) in order to encourage women’s participation in politics and to corporate with youths.  In 2007, the Central Council of the party appointed Ms. Naderi as the Head of Women’s Committee &Youth Association. From that time, Ms. Naderi was succeeded to develop the following:
1) Organizational structure for Economical, Cultural, Disciplinary and Sport Committees;
2) Weekly Publication of HAPMA Youth Association,
3) Educational Centre; Hapma Knowledge House,
4) Scholarship for youth Higher Education;
5) Sports Club and music teams;

Ms. Naderi continues to encourage the Association towards self-sufficiency for small community projects such as producing documented DVDs, historical posters and informative publications etc.

Social and Cultural Activity
Ms. Naderi began her social and cultural endeavors at Westminster University by opening a Persian/Dari language Club. After returning to Afghanistan, Ms. Naderi took responsibility for the reconstruction of the Hakim Nasir Khusrow Balkhi Cultural Center and Public Library (HNKB) which was founded by her Father, Alhaj Sayed Mansoor Naderi.
Until the inauguration of HNKB,  Ms. Naderi worked on small cultural projects to mobilize the newly renovated Cultural Centre. Ms. Naderi has organized many activities at the new facility including:

  • Poetry Night ceremonies in honor of the New Year (Nowroz);
  • A classical theater performance, “Hujat Khurasan”, directed by Ustad Abdul Qaiyom Bessed the “Father of Afghan Theater;
  • Building a relation between HNKB and Universal Peace Federation (UPF) by organizing a Cleaning Campaign and peace Seminars in different districts in Kabul. In view of her community leadership, Ms. Naderi was awarded by UFP, the title of Peace Ambassador along with132 community participants.

Ms. Naderi participated in other honorary activities and recently has been instrumental in the establishment of Matab Healthcare Center in Taimani where she holds the post of President.  Ms. Naderi is enthusiastic to bring a high quality of international standard health services to the community and is planning to encourage free service for eligible needy people at the Center.

N-Peace Award Winner

The international peace Network introduced peace award 2012 among 100 top peace builder figures from 6 south Asian countries in July 2012. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, been nominated by UNDP for N-Peace Award, won the award on the behalf of Afghanistan.

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  1. Miss Zahra Naderi, you are really a talented and brave lady. I appreciate your efforst and wish you more and more success in life.

    I also contratulate you for finding way in Afghan Parliament.

  2. Congrats Miss Naderi. Be always successful

  3. Congratulation Miss Naderi.

  4. Miss. FARKHUNDA ZAHRA NADERI on behalf of AANTA I would like congrats you for being a part of Parliament Afghanistan. and i hope you and your honorable and respected family will always be prosperous and successful in life……..

    with a kind regards

    Noor Mohammad Shirzai
    Student of Economics Balkh university,
    Black Belt 3rd Dan ITF,
    Member of National Team ITF Afghanistan Olympic,
    ITF representative in Mazar-e-sharif.

  5. congratulations for you

  6. Hope you arrive in high montains of your wishes, we are with you . god bless you. congratualtion for your sucess

  7. congratulation…………….

    And i pray for more success …..

  8. Salam Miss. FARKHUNDA ZAHRA NADERI on behalf of My Family and Jan Mohammad, I would like Congratulation you for being a part of Parliament Afghanistan. and I hope you and your honorable and respected family will always be prosperous and successful in life Ameen.


  10. dear Farkhonda
    first of all i am also send you my best wishes and regards and hope you doing best job in Afghan parliament in the futures by the way please remember that only one way make us successful it is (Honesty)
    Best of luck
    Mohammad Nazari

  11. Salam Alaikom Dear Farkhunda Zahra Naderi!!

    I convey my best wishes and congratulations to you for your wonderful job you have been doing for Afghan communities.

    Best of luck

  12. salam Farkhonda zahra

    congratulations to you from behalf of my family and i for being a part of the pralament of Afghanistan.

    First of all I give my best best and best regarts to u and ur respectable family , that u became a successfull part in the Parliament of Afghanistan …and I wish for ur more and more sucess in future ……..
    with lots of love and regarts …
    ur adeela mirzaie

  14. Ya Ali Madat Congratulation Miss Naderi. [DK]

  15. Miss .Naderi Congratulation!!! This is really vital responsibility for each Member of Parliament.
    Please keep it in your mind you are representing all women of Afghanistan, not one Qaum or party , Afghanistan women voted for you and they expects that you will with your judiciously decisions make some difference at poor women lives, which they are suffering in the past three decades.
    With best regards
    Zinda Bad Afghanistan and Khademan Rasteenash

  16. Congratulation Miss Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

  17. I hope best of luck for you miss farkhunda and for your father, and I wish you serve not just sit like other people.and once please see your jamat,s condation.

    i wish best of luck and lets see

  18. Respected Fakhunda Zahra Naderi ,
    First of all I give my best and best regards to you and your respectable family , that you became a successfull part in the Parliament of Afghanistan …and I wish for your more and more sucess in the future ..
    with best regards
    Massoud Nabizada

  19. most respected to you and your Honorable Family,behalf of my family i’d like to pay my warmest congratulation to your success to became a Parliments Member and we all pray to you for your best achievement
    Do good, and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storms of time can never destroy. Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy on the hearts of thousands you come in contact with year by year, and you will never be forgotten. Your name and your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven.same like your Father Khan Agha sahib ……..
    Zindabad Ismailia and Zindabad Khanadan e Sayed Mansoor
    best regard

  20. be success in parliament

  21. Respected Farkhunda Zahra Naderi i would like to congratulate you on your landmark victory in the Afghan Parliamentary election.
    Afghanistan indeed needs to have brave, hardworking and sincere daughters like you. May Allah give you lots of success and fulfil all your wishes.

  22. respected Farkhunda zahra Naderi
    first of all i would like to congradulate you for winning the afghan parliamentary election! best of luck to u and your father from canada alberta. my brother-in-law, abdul khaliq works in the parliament also.

  23. salam,
    congraduates on your victory in the afghan parliamentary election. i give you best of luck to you and your father and i wish you lots of success from Canada.

    1. Most respected to Ms. Naderi,
      I would like congrats you for being a part of Parliament. And I wish for your more success in the future and best of luck.

      with best Regards,
      Hafifa Yousufi

  24. Respected Ms. Naderi
    congratulations and lots of Mubaraki to You. You truely deserve it. Wish you all the best!

    Zahra Ahmadi
    Toronto, CA

  25. it is nice that i know who is Farkhunda Zahra Naderi
    i my opinion she is the best coz she is expert in her job
    God bless you Miss Naderi

  26. Dear Miss Nadari,
    I greatly appreciate your talent and your brave heart”Brave heart changes the life” I wish sucess in your life.

    1. Your comment is approved.

      Thanks for visiting , always visit for daily news and updates and share it with your freinds.


  27. God bless you and your family

  28. Dearest Miss Nadari

    We all have a dream
    but some of us are silent
    and some of us scream
    but we are all burning like a flame
    from separation of home land
    or living in racist land
    we need like you a brave mother
    and we need like you a brave sister

    May Allah be with you

  29. Respected Mis. FARKHUNDA ZAHRA NADERI!
    I would like to congratulate you of being a member of parliament of Afghanistan and wish you to be success in your entire life time with your family… May ALLAH always help you… AMEEN…

  30. Bibi saheb Farkhunda jan,

    Many congratulations on your success in parliament. May great Allah always protect you.

  31. dearest miss.zahra nadari
    congratulations for you.and i want be
    success in parliament

  32. Great we are happy to have you in the country , you are the pride of AFG.

  33. با سلام و احترامات فراوان خدمت بانوی گرامی دوشیزه فرخنده زهرا نادری

    موفقیت شما را از تهی دل تبریک گفته و تمنای بهترین ها را برای شما و خانوادگی گرامی تان تمنا میکنم

    سبز باشید


  34. miss zahra naderi we proud of you you are a brave and hero lady among the ladies of afghanistan wish your more success in all your life mohammad khalid “abed”

  35. I want from God your success and be success in your work and live

  36. i wish her succes on her all lifeee

  37. zinda baad al haj sayed mansour naderi .and his respectful brave daughter farkhuan zahra naderi..i iwish the best suuccess of all for ur plans .and better future for all afghans…zindabaad alhaj sayed mansour naderiii

  38. Zindabad Naderi family. May God fulfill all your dreams and all your wishes come true. We need you, We love you.

    Personal regards,
    Shamshad Mirza Hussain

  39. May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements. Congratulations!
    Bibi Saib

  40. i wish her succes on her all part of lfe ……………

  41. Respected Mis. FARKHUNDA ZAHRA NADERI!
    I would like to congratulate you of being a member of parliament of Afghanistan and wish you to be success in your entire life time with your family… May ALLAH always help you… AMEEN…

    your always in our prays and soul and we wish your success and have a big smile on your face,

  42. Yam! To all. Every one says congrate to bibi sahib but iam saying zindabad farkhunda zahra naderi. Oir bibi sahib mawlam increase u r power more . Thanks with a kind regard

  43. Dear Respected Farkhunda Zahra Naderi,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate the coming of his Highness Hazrat Alhaj Sayeed Mansoor Naderi and praying that Allah may give him thousands of years with health and happiness with his respected family to be the Afghan leader and be successful in his whole life. Secondly I would pray for you to have the strength power to change Afghanistan in positive perspectives and stablish peace and justice between Afghan Nation. We are always with you. May Allah BLESS You. Ameen

    Fouzia Noory

  44. Dear Mis Naderi,
    I would like to express my personal congratulation to you on your election as representative of Afghan women in Afghan Parliament. We are very fortunate to have someone of your obvious abilities and background associated with Afghan Parliament, whom we trust to raise again the silent voice of countless Afghan women who dramatically have been suffering in a way or other by the dominated situation in the country. I wish you success to overcome numerous challenges that you may encounter in years ahead.

    Zamanuddin Noori

    July 2011

  45. Congratulations Ms. Naderi !!! May Allah give you the strength to be a stong voice for the women of Afghanistan. Wish you lots success! Regards

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  47. Congratulations just for you bibi sahib dam and hope you be happy in your all life .

    with respect,
    ameen rahmani

  48. Dear Ms. Naderi,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate the coming of his Highness Hazrat Alhaj Sayeed Mansoor Naderi and praying that Allah may give him thousands of years with health and happiness with his respected family to be the Afghan leader and be successful in his whole life.really appreciate you dear Naderi , i wish you more prosperous in your life . fatana rezayee

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