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Afghan warlord Gen. Dostum threatened for his war crimes

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Afgan warlord Gen. Dostum threatened over war crimesThe former leader of Hezb-e-Junbish Millie Islami — National Islamic Movement party of Afghanistan warned to disclose the war crimes of the party’s founder and former warlord Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum if he does not prevent his interference in the party.

However a spokesman for the National Islamic Movement party of Afghanistan denied the allegations by Syed Noorullah Sadat and said Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum does not misuse from his military position to interfere in party’s internal affairs.

Syed Noorullah Sadat accused Gen. Dostum for interfering in National Islamic Movement Party fo Afghanistan and warned that he will disclose the war crimes committed by him.

Faizullah Zaki spokesman for the National Islamic Movement party of Afghanistan following a press conference denied the allegations by Mr. Sadat.

Mr. Zaki said, “Mr. Sadat has himself denied the remarks which he said in an emotional way while his duty as the leader of the party was over. He was leading the party for the past 30 years and was a close person to Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum.”

He said, “Such remarks are wondering and the people of Afghanistan will not accept that Mr. Sadat has given such a remark regarding Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum. We deny his allegations.”

He also added that the National Islamic Movement Party of Afghanistan is keen to have a strong stance in the upcoming presidential election and will support a unique candidate and therefore changes were made in the party.

Azizullah Kargar has been appointed and is heading the National Islamic Movement Party of Afghanistan.

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