Abu Dhabi’s probe in a 2017 incident in Kandahar, revealed the involvement of Haqqani Network, and Pakistan’s ISI, Hindustan Times Reports.

Some of the UAE moves prompted by the findings of its investigation into the 2017 attack in Kandahar that killed Five of UAE’s diplomats, showed Pakistan’s all-powerful Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency involvement, but then the attack was blamed on Iran by the Pakistani officials.

According to Hindustan Times, the relations between the two nations seem to be on a sharp downward spiral in recent weeks, as Khan is reported critical of UAE’s formalization of its relationship with Israel.  

This has demonstrated in the arrest of pro-Palestine Pakistanis in UAE; it also marched the officials for detaining Pakistani residents for minor crimes.

According to the report, there are 5000 Pakistani inmates in Al Sweihan Jail in Abu Dhabi alone.

UAE is expected to impose tougher and tighter visa norms for Pakistani Nationals, who are willing to visit the country for employment, based on HT findings “Pakistani residents are finding it difficult to renew Resident Permits, and there has been a buzz about deportation, although no reports of a large-scale exercise to this effect have emerged”.

Reports indicate Ghulam Dastgir, Pakistan chargé d’affaires in Abu Dhabi met senior leaders of UAE in this matter but was told to back off.

The alleged country is in a jeopardized relation with Saudi Arabia, in the matter of dept, “In 2018, with Islamabad facing a current accounts crisis, the Saudis had extended Pakistan a $6.2 billion package, which included $3 billion in loans, and oil on deferred payments worth $3.2 billion. In addition to calling in the loans, Riyadh has frozen the oil credit facility extended to Pakistan”, Hindustan Times.

Pakistan’s Embassy was recently asked by the Saudi government not to hold any public event to commemorate “Kashmir Black Day” in Riyadh.

This comes as Pakistan warned Saudi Arabia to convene a meeting of the OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers to discuss India’s nullification of Article 370 and that Pakistan can go ahead without Riyadh, following a possible denial.