_74343368_021979822-1Presidential contender Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s observers were not present in the first open review of complaints regarding the runoff presidential election.

Head of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), Abdul Satar Saadat said Sunday that the decisions of provincial election offices in northern provinces will be reviewed during the open session today.

Saadat said the observers of Dr. Abdullah is not present during the first open review of complaints.

He said the absence of Dr. Abdullah’s obervers in open review of compalaints means that they have withdrawn from their right for investigation of the complaints.

According to Saadat, more complaints have been received from northern Faryab and Balkh provinces of Afghanistan.

He said today’s open session will mostly review the decisions of provincial election offices in northern Afghanistan, based on the appeals of the candidates.

This comes as Dr. Abdullah Abdullah halted his ties with the Independent Election Commission and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission after accusing the two electoral bodies for being involved in fraud.

Abdullah recalled all his observers and said they will not accept the preliminary vote results which is expected to be announced on Monday.