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Abdullah urges to suspend IECC chief Ziaulhaq Amarkhil

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

ABDULLAHABDULLAH_1603553fDr. Abdullah Abdullah, presidential contender in the second round of election, on Monday called for the suspension of Independent Electoral Complaints (IEC) Chief, Ziaulhaq Amar Khel.

Speaking during a press conference late Sunday evening, Abdullah warned that he and his team will not accept the outcome of the runoff vote unless Amarkhil has been suspended.

Abdullah further added that he is concerned of systematic fraud in runoff presidential vote as Amarkhil was caught red handed.

He called for an investigation into allegations against Amarkhil and said the he and his team will not be convinced unless their representatives are present during the investigation.

Kabul security chief, Gen. Zahir Zahir, accused the IECC chief Ziaulhaq Amarkhil for electoral fraud after police seized a vehicle laden with sensitive election materials from the 9th district of Kabul city during the runoff vote day.

Gen. Zahir accused Amarkhil for using the sensitive election materials in the favor of a specific candidate.

However, Amarkhil denied the allegations and called it a personal conspiracy by Kabul police chief against him.

Amarkhil also accused Gen. Zahir for misusing from his position and military uniform and said his interference resulted into the shortage of ballot papers in various polling stations.

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  1. Abdullah should leave the country, and he should not accuse anyone but his own team, as its full of corrupted individuals 

  2. Actually, Abdullah has faced a clear defeat in Saturday election. Therefore, in order to hide his defeat, he is highlighting the issue of Amarkheil but he does not see that General Zahir has prevented hundreds of people from participating in election.

  3. Dr Abdullah is the right man for people of Afghanistan. He was there fighting against the great Soviet Union. Which freed Afghanistan and the map of Asia change and even Poland got their freedom. He was there to fight against the worlds terrorist Taliban and Alqaeda. He is a son of that country. No one likes Ashraf Ghani. He is a puppet of foreigners. Afghan people don’t like to be ruled by puppets. Read the history of the country. And also never bring tribalism in the country since Abdullah is half Tajik and half pashtoon. He is a warrior. Don’t do fraud against his votes it is the peoples right. Any fraud is caused by foreigners and this could sadly end to a civil war. I want peace in my beloved country. Only God can help. 


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