The Chief Executive of the Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah criticized the government leadership after a wave of deadly attacks and soaring violence claimed the lives of scores of people across the country.

In his speech at the Council of Ministers Meeting in Kabul, Abdullah said the ordinary people and security forces have been massacred in the past few days.

He slammed the government’s political and security leadership for their silence and lack of action and said even a single meeting of the National Security Council has not been organized as violence soars across the country.

This comes as the security situation has sharply deteriorated across the country in the past few weeks as the militants have stepped up attacks in the key provinces and cities.

A coordinated attack in Jalalabad city left at least ten people dead including security personnel while 42 others were wounded.

The militants had earlier carried out a coordinated attack in two different of Kabul city that left several people dead including security personnel while numerous others were wounded.

The Taliban group and ISIS loyalists in Afghanistan both claimed responsibility behind the coordinated attacks in Kabul city last week.