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Abdullah says his team will not accept the election result

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Abdullah AbdullahAfghanistan’s controversial presidential election was once again taken towards a deadlock after the Reform and Partnership term led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah announced their stance regarding the election process.

The announcement by Dr. Abdullah comes as last round of talks between the two candidates over national unity government formation did not yield any result.

Abdullah said the political process has now entered to a deadlock and claimed that his team was the winner and will be the winner of the presidential election, accusing the electoral bodies for being involved in industrial scale fraud.

Abdullah criticized the vote audit and invalidation process and said the process had problems since the beginning and his team’s complaints and concerns were not considered by concerned parties involved in the process.

He claimed that his rival team had the support of government and the electoral bodies during the election and vote audit process.

Abdullah also added that his team was against violence and insisted that his team will pursue their rights in lights of their constitutional rights.

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  1. Old mullah with his old taraweh. Just ignore this guy or even better, just blow him up someone please. This scumbag is starting to become a nightmare for prosperous Afghanistan, even worse than the Taliban idiots right now.

  2. Why did He signed the Policy with John Carry And Mr Ghani  that He Will accept the Out come(result) of Elections? why ?
    But Now He is saying that he does not Accept the result of Afghan elections.?
    actually,  This Shitty Man is begging  Ashraf Ghani to get More  power and authority  in the same government .but its against the Afghan’s Law.there can be only one president is each country ,But he wants to be the second president in Afghanistan at the Same time.I would Say he is A loser And No one Trust Him or Like him.

  3. Mr Abdullah would never accept the election result unless he become the president ,Afghans have deserved to make their own choice ,once again I congratulate Dr Ghani that ,he did not make any unconstitutional deal with Abduallh team .

  4. Abdullah abdullah does not even know how to run a government he was a big warlord but the afghan people are crazy to have given him that much value that he was stood for the presidential election. now since no one knows what the outcome of the election would be so how come he declines the result which yet pendant and not declared? it does apparently prove that he is a loser. now the Afghan government should arrest him because he is trying to derail the on-going peace process in Afghanistan. he is not a patriot as he claims he is a big traitor and corrupt man, he is not worth a leader. 

  5. The biggest loser crying foul. He just wants to be declared the president for him to be publicly convinced that election was fair (while deep down he already admits that). It will be very strange if he accepted the results without any bloodshed, after all he has been killing innocent people all his life now when he can see the glimps of what he spent all his life for it would be impossible for him to let it go.

    If there is the tiniest bit of wisdom in this man he would accept the results straight away and constitute the opposition which in itself is one of the most important role in any democratic set up. Our country is already experiencing the set back of this deadlock in the form of expatriating investment, deteriorating security situation and anxiety among the mass. No zeal person would do this to his country as this person is doing.


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