Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity has imposed a travel ban on election commissioners amid looming elections crisis.

According to a decree issued by the Office of Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity has imposed a travel ban on Chairpersons of the Independent Election Commission and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission.

The decree also states that the travel ban is applicable on Secretariat Chiefs and the deputies of the two commissions, which bar the officials from travelling abroad.

Fazal Ahmad Manawi, one of the prominent members of the Stability and Convergence team led by Abdullah had earlier tweeted that the Chief Executive has imposed travel bans on election commissions.

Manawi further added that the election commissioners had earlier applied to several embassies to obtain, which were turned down.

He went on to claim that the ARG Presidential Palace has issued political passports to election commissioners in a bid to help them travel to Turkey which forced the Chief Executive to impose a travel ban on commissions.

Abdullah had earlier rejected the election results as he claimed victory in the elections, vowing that he would soon establish an inclusive government.

Speaking during a press conference late on Tuesday evening, Abdullah asked his supporters to stand against injustice and fraudulent votes.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the final election results late on Tuesday, declaring Ashraf Ghani as the President of Afghanistan.

According to IEC, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani secured 50.64% of votes while Abdullah Abdullah and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar received 39.53% and 3.85% of the votes respectively.

The total turnout for Afghanistan’s 2019 presidential election was 1,823,948 which makes less than 5% of Afghanistan’s population if the whole population is assumed 40 million. Ghani won the election securing less than 2.5% of the nation’s votes.


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