The Chief Executive of the Unity Government expressed concerns regarding environment pollution posing issues to the residents of capital Kabul.

A seminar was organized on Sunday regarding the issues the residents of the country are facing from air and water pollution in the capital.

The members of the commission to prevent air and water pollution said the environmental pollution remains a major issue in the capital as they insisted that immediate steps should be taken to specify the main factors of pollution and prevent its spread in the city.

According to the commission members, the crush plants and brick baking companies are the two main contributors to environmental pollution in the capital.

They also added that the companies are mainly operating during the night which largely contributes to air pollution in the city.

The officials from the ministry of mines and petroleum also added that the companies continue to their activities in an improper way despite necessary steps were taken to prevent the issue.

In the meantime, Chief Executive Abdullah expressed concerns regarding the growing air pollution and instructed the relevant authorities to take necessary measures in coordination with the secretariat of the Council of Ministers to resolve the issue.