Following the announcement of the final election results by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) that announced Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the winner of the 2019 election with the 50.64% votes, Abdullah Abdullah appeared in a press conference with his allies claiming victory.

Abdullah Abdullah appeared in a press conference late on Tuesday evening claiming victory and said he will establish an inclusive government, earlier his supporters called to announce a parallel government if the election results are announced considering fraudulent votes.

Abdullah asked his supporters to stand against injustice and fraudulent votes.

“The Stability and Insurgence is the winner of the 2019 election and we announce our victory”, Abdullah said.

“The fraudsters are the rogues of history and we establish an inclusive government, long live Afghanistan!”, said Abdullah in a press conference addressing the nation and his supporters.

Abdullah accused the electoral commissioners of the national treason.

This comes as the final Afghan presidential election result was announced by IEC on Tuesday, introducing Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the winner with 40.64% votes.

According to IEC, Abdullah Abdullah the main rival of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani secured 39.52% votes standing in second place.

Afghanistan presidential election was held on the 28th of September 2019, the final results were announced after a 5-month delay.


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