December 17, 2017

Abdullah criticizes neighbors for supporting anti-govt militants against ISIS

By Khaama Press - Thu Sep 21 2017, 3:07 pm

The Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity Abdullah Abdullah criticized the neighboring countries for supporting the anti-government armed militants with an aim to curb the ISIS terrorist group’s activities in Afghanistan.

Abdullah made the remarks during a gathering in Kabul to mark the international day of peace.

He called on the neighboring countries to refrain from further expanding the environment of war in Afghanistan.

The Chie Executive further added that supporting the anti-government armed militant groups of Afghanistan against ISIS is not a solution.

Abdullah did not specifically mention any neighboring country involved in supporting the anti-government armed militant groups.

However, reports have emerged in the past suggesting the growing influence of Russia in Afghanistan and Moscow’s support to Taliban amid fears the ISIS terrorist group is attempting to destabilize and expand its reach to the central Asian countries.

Speaking to the US Senate in February this year, the commander of the NATO and US forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson had also expressed concerns regarding the growing interferences by Russia, Iran, and Pakistan in the Afghan conflict.

However, the Russia officials had said the contacts with the Taliban group were aimed at encouraging the group to participate in peace talks.

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    Bloody cheap dirty smelly Pakistanis. All of them are terrorist.

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