The Chief Executive of Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah has announced that he and members of his electoral team will not participate in upcoming Consultative Peace Jirga.

Abdullah issued a statement on Sunday afternoon stating that a decision has been taken to convene Consultative Peace Jirga (Assembly of Leaders) and certain individuals have also been appointed who have proceeded to take steps in implementation stages to convene the gathering.

He also added that he does not see any convincing reason for Consultative Peace Jirga as no consultation has been made with him and his team as part of the consultations which were made on governmental level as well consultations with political parties and figures.

Abdullah said his team does not think that the Consultative Peace Jirga will help to resolve the issues of the country and therefore will not participate in the gathering.

This comes as preparations are underway to convene Consultative Peace Jirga which is due to be organized on 29th of April.