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Abdullah blames ‘stubborn Taliban’ for ongoing conflict in Afghanistan

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity Abdullah Abdullah has said the main reason behind the ongoing conflict is the ‘stubbornness’ of Taliban leaders.

Speaking during the meeting of Council of Ministers, Abdullah said the steps which they (Taliban) have taken are for publicity and concessions, not for goodwill or for real negotiations.  

Admitting that compromises are needed to pave the way for further peace talks, Abdullah said it would be impossible to insist on one’s own demands and expect peace as well.

Abdullah further added that peace requires sacrifice but not to sacrifice the wishes of people, emphasizing that Afghanistan belongs to all Afghans and everyone has the right to have dignified peaceful lives and achieve their demands in a peaceful way and through political campaigns, insisting that it would not be important that the wishes of certain groups are accepted by all Afghans as this will be tested and will be proved that the Afghan people want, whether they will choose an oppressive past, demand the current situation or want a better situation.

In the meantime, he warned that with domestic unity it would not be efficient to move towards peace.

In other parts of his speech, Abdullah said the government hails the efforts and bravery of the armed force and those who are fighting the Afghan people are enemies and there is no need to rethink whether they are friends or enemies, emphasizing that they can only become friends when they renounce violence and stop committing crime against the Afghan people.

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