Afghan Minisry of Defense said in a statement, that at least 10 Taliban were killed in the outskirts of Farah Province.

These Taliban-affiliated members were killed in Afghan Airforce airstrikes on Gulistan and the outskirts of the central province.

According to the Ministry of Defense, 3 other Taliban were injured, AAF targeted these insurgents as they were planning to attack ANDSF positions.

On the other hand, MoD announced the arrest of ten people on charges of collaborating with the Taliban in Parwan province.

The statement added that the ten people were arrested in a joint clearance operation conducted by the 111th Kabul corps, NDS, and ANP.

These Taliban members were detained in villages like Abdi Bai, Togh Birdi, Deh Qaazi, Dara Shakhail, Tilanchi, and Sayadan village in Parwan province.

Reported indicate a large number of weapons and ammunition were seized by the Afghan security force members during the operation.

“10 people were also arrested on charges of collaborating with terrorist groups and committing criminal offenses,” the statement added.

In a separate incident, the Ministry of Interior Tweeted, that a Mine planter was killed in a clash with the Afghan national police.

He was discovered planting a mine in the Sara Qala area of Daman district located in Kandahar province.

The mine planter was killed on the spot by the Afghan National Police forces, and many people were saved from harm, Moi tweeted.

Suicide attacks and magnetic mine explosions dramatically escalated in the center and other parts of Afghanistan.

The increase in suicide bombings, targeted killings, and IEDs incidents are happening amid the peace process in Doha, Qatar.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.