In a statement on Monday, Afghan defense forces said, at least 29 Taliban were killed and seven others were wounded in western Farah Province.  

Taliban affiliated members came under “fierce resistance from the Afghan forces” after the group attack government security outposts in the region.

During the reciprocal attack, the Afghan air force also carried air raids in support of the ground forces.

No further details were provided in regards to the operation.

On the other hand, media reported, that during the clashes nine Afghan security members were killed, but this was denied by the security officials.

MoD also stated that AAF airstrikes in Nimroz claimed 14 Taliban militants, nine of them were Pakistani nationals.

The airstrike was carried in the Khash Rod district of Nimroz province, six other insurgents were injured in the raid.

This comes as Afghan commando forces in an operation have cleared the Baghlan-Balkh highway this week.

Throughout the operation a Taliban checkpoint was completely wrecked, Army officials told media, that the group used to extort money from people.

According to reports, The extortion of 15,000 Afghanis to 20,000 Afghanis by the Taliban had reportedly affected the prices of the goods in the market.