Based on the efforts of the Afghan Civil Society and Afghan Anti-Corruption Network (AACN) at the Tokyo conference the Afghan government promised to the Afghan nation and the international community to fight corruption seriously and a Mutual Accountability Framework has prepared in this conference. At the conference the international community pledged $16 billion aid for the upcoming four years, these aids are condition based and one of the major condition is fighting corruption.

After tireless advocacy and efforts by the AACN to pursue government and the international community to fight corruption, lately the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has also taken some actions to fight corruption. Recently His Excellency President Hamid Karzai issued a decree No: 45 for fighting corruption. After a comprehensive analyze and evaluation of the decree, however  the decree is not a perfect and there are some shortcomings, but the AACN welcomes this decree as a firstی effective step and it considered as a willing of the leadership of the government for fighting corruption.

In the presence of the corrupt officials in the highest government positions, the AACN is concern about the successful implementation of the decree, but it states that if the government is committed to implement this decree and seriously follow this, there will be positive change and reform at all levels of the government.

For the effective implementation of this decree and all laws the government should dismiss all those senior corrupt officials, who are accused of corruption and for better implementation of the decree the government together with the Afghan parliament and civil society should make a  coordinated comprehensive mechanism and don’t avoid any serious action in the implementation of the laws.

The AACN welcomes the disclosure of some senior government officials by the Afghan media and urges the Afghan government to seriously follow these issues, immediately freeze their assets, suspend them from their positions and they should be banned from traveling outside of the country. Also the AACN asks those officials, who has been disqualified, feared and resigned from their positions to properly follow the handover process and they must be accountable to the government and the Afghan people, if not, the relevant government organizations should seriously follow the issue of handover and accountability process of former officials.

For the sake of transparency, the AACN requests the judiciary affairs of the country for open audit, investigation, prosecution and trial of the senior government officials and Afghan citizens should be kept informed at all stages.

The AACN urges the Afghan parliament and civil society organizations to look at this decree as a positive view and help the government for the implementation and overseeing the implementation of this decree.

Afghan Anti-Corruption Network is the first and largest volunteer, social, non profit, non political and non governmental organizations and activists, which has established based on article 35 of the constitution of Afghanistan and the aim of this network is to support transparency, role of law and strengthen the civil society in order to fight against corruption.