A tragic photo of the man sleeping next to his son’s grave who was killed in an explosion targeting the vehicle of a university’s lecturers and students on Saturday went viral on the internet.

The man sleeping beside his son’s grave is a popular figure in Afghanistan, Dr. Ghulam Farooq Nijrabi, a presidential election candidate in 2019.

Social media users reacted to this photo, feeling sorry for the man and his family who buried a young intellectual and doctor of the community the other day.

This comes as violence and bloodshed have dramatically increased in Afghanistan amid ongoing peace negotiations in Doha, Qatar.

According to the State Ministry for Peace, the Afghan republic delegation will leave soon to Doha after the Eid break to restart negotiations with the Taliban.

But, the general public opinions over the internet and on social media show that the peace talks have lost their enthusiasm and attractiveness among people.

Many believe that it is difficult for a political settlement and a peace agreement in the short term as the Taliban are not honest and they see from a victorious angle towards the Afghan peace talks.

The U.S and its allies, including the region and the neighboring countries of Afghanistan have reached a consensus to bring sustainable peace to Afghanistan and mark an end to the country’s 42-year-old wartime.

It is believed to be one of the greatest opportunities for Afghanistan and for those countries who suffered from the war and violence in Afghanistan, but the game seems very much complicated than it was expected at the beginning.

The U.S – Taliban agreement has given the Taliban an upper hand at the negotiating table as amid releasing of their 5,500 prisoners, they have not shown willingness to reduce violence.