A taxi driver has admitted he found what he thinks is the world’s most venomous spider in his bunch of supermarket bananas.

Joe Stein, 37, said: ‘Opened the bag, everything fine, turned the bananas over and all I saw was this huge dark mass hanging on to the bananas.’

Joe, from Beckenham, south London, said: ‘I sort of had to refocus my eyes so I could see his big bony, hairy legs. It was a bit shocking!

‘It was a spider and it started to move so I shouted to my girlfriend “don’t come in the kitchen!”‘

Joe said he is 99% sure the spider was a Brazilian Wandering Spider, after investigating on Google. ‘Luckily I think it was dead, but it was enough to make us both jump and feel on edge. I want to make people aware and to be careful.’

The beast, also known as Phoneutria fera, is commonly found in South America on banana leaves or bunches.

The Guinness Book of World Records has named it the most venomous spider in the world for possessing the most active neurotoxic venom of any living spider.

Their venom is toxic to the nervous system, causing symptoms such as salivation and an irregular heartbeat.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.