A member of the security forces has been arrested on charges of misbehaving with a resident of Kabul city, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Sunday.

According to a statement released by MoI, a member of the security forces who had misbehaved with a resident of the city while being in possession of a police vehicle and security uniform, has been identified and arrested.

The statement did not disclose further information regarding the identity of the detained individual and to which to which specific security department he belongs to.

This comes as the acting minister of interior Amrullah Saleh had earlier promised to reform and rehabilitate the image of the security personnel, specifically the National Police Forces and to bridge the gap between the police forces and the general public.

In his inaugural speech after assuming the charge of the ministry of interior, Saleh had said the ministry of interior is a key governmental institution between the people and government, emphasizing that he would step up efforts to rehabilitate the image of the police forces and create an environment of hope among the people.