A man had a cockroach pulled from his ear after three days of feeling it squirming.

Zane Wedding went for a dip at a swimming pool and when he returned he had a blocked ear.

He put some drops in his ear reports CNN and went for a snooze on his couch.

“When I woke up in the morning and it was still blocked I went straight to the doctor. I was waiting for the doctor [surgery] to open up, it was that infuriating,” he said.

The following morning, however, his ear was still blocked and it still was casing him huge irritation. And he was annoyed by it so much, he waited outside the doctors before the door of the surgery opened.

Mr. Wedding was told by his doctor, he may have water stuck in his ear and suggested using a hairdryer to tackle the problem and dry it out.

Mr. Wedding, of Auckland, New Zealand arranged a booking with a specialist as soon as he could get to the bottom of the issue.

The specialist took one look inside Mr. Wedding’s ear and said he thought there was an insect inside. Mr. Wedding realized every movement he had felt a wriggle was the insect moving inside his ear.