Humanoid robots are designed to mimic human motion and interaction. But Ameca, the new machine developed by robotics company Engineered Arts, takes that to a new level. It can move and put on facial expressions that look incredibly natural and real – too real.

Engineered Arts, a UK-based designer, and manufacturer of humanoid robots, recently showed off one of its most lifelike creations in a video posted on YouTube. The robot, called Ameca, is shown making a series of incredibly human-like facial expressions.

These life-like facial expressions and movements are the result of a combination between artificial intelligence (AI) and the artificial body. Ameca was designed and built on the company’s Mesmer technology, which uses 3D in-house scans of real people.

Since Engineered Arts focuses on creating humanoid robots for entertainment, Ameca will likely be the center of attention at venues and events, rather than robots designed to do a specific job or take over all of humanity.

The robot is available for order or for rental. There’s no word on its official pricing yet. Those who want to see Ameca can do so at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. The event will be held between January 5th and January 8th.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.