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A government seized by force will not be recognized legitimate, the US warned the Taliban

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The US has cautioned the Taliban that a government established by force in Afghanistan will not be accepted by the rest of the world, as an intelligence analysis warned that the existing government in Kabul may fall within six months after the US troops pull out.

State Department spokeswoman Ned Price also stated at a Tuesday afternoon press briefing in Washington that US financial support to Afghanistan could only continue if the country has a recognized government, not seized by force.

Responding to the reports in the media of the Taliban triumphs against the Afghan forces, Mr. Price declared that “The world will not accept the imposition by force of a government in Afghanistan.” “You’ve heard this from Ambassador Khalilzad; you’ve heard this from Secretary Blinken and from others” he further added.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that the US intelligence service had announced to the Biden administration that Afghanistan’s government may disintegrate as soon as six months after the American military withdrawal. 

The US spent $35.5 billion on aid last year, followed by Germany ($28.4 billion), the United Kingdom ($18.6 billion), Japan ($16.3 billion), and France ($14.1 billion).

A journalist informed Mr. Price earlier in the briefing that since US President Joe Biden announced his decision to remove all US soldiers from Afghanistan by September 11, insurgents had increased their grip over Afghanistan to more than 50 districts.

“Legitimacy and assistance for any Afghan government can only be possible if that government has respect for human rights if that government has credibility if that government has legitimacy, including in the eyes of its own people,” Mr. Price replied.

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