President Ashraf Ghani on the day of Armed Forces Day reiterated that Afghanistan is in need of a dignified and permanent peace and that the international community kept Afghan away from the fundamental right of peace for many years.

According to the Afghan president, 90% of the counterterrorism operations are conducted by the Afghan National Army and Defense Forces.

“Today’s Afghanistan is not the one it was in the past, the one that was protected by others. Today, you are safeguarding it. We are very close to self-reliance”, Ghani added.

During the ceremony, President Ghani said that security forces have played an important role in fighting international terrorism, and they can protect the values of and gains of the country.

Referring to his recent speech at UN Security Council, President Ghani said: “My main sentence was that for the last 40 years, the international community has kept a massive nation away from their fundamental right which is peace and this is unacceptable.”  

“We want peace and we want dignified peace and a peace that is ensured by the power of our security and defense forces and with the will of the people. This peace will come,”

Ghani said the violence must end and that there should be no more bloodshed and no one should remain deprived of education anymore. 

President Ghani stressed that the violence and bloodshed must end and no one is deprived of education.

He said the next government and president will be decided by the Afghan people themselves.

“The people of Afghanistan have elected their government and president and they will elect the next president of Afghanistan,” Ghani added, “It is the right of the nation and the security and defense forces will prove that change will be legal and based on the nation’s will; otherwise, the tenure of the Republic is clear”.

The Afghan National Defense and Security member’s day was celebrated nationwide, with strong feelings and emotions still intact for a peaceful future of Afghanistan.

Deputy Defense Minister, Shah Mahmood Miakhil during the ceremony said the Afghan forces made a huge sacrifice by releasing Taliban prisoners for the purpose of prolonged peace.


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