At least nine of the thirty abducted passengers have been released in southern Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.

The local security officials confirmed that nine of the hostages were released on Wednesday.

Provincial security chief Abdul Qawi Omari said nine of the hostages were released after the local tribal and influential elders intervened and negotiated with the Taliban insurgents.

He said still many passengers are in the captivity of the Taliban insurgents.

According to Omari, the passengers were abducted two days ago by the Taliban insurgents from the vicinity of Sabzal area in southern Kandahar province.

He also added that the insurgents belonging to the Taliban leader Mawlavi Ezatullah are involved behind the kidnapping of the passengers.

It is not clear for what reason the passengers have been abducted however this is not the first time the anti-government armed insurgent groups are abducting the passenger from an highway.

Taliban insurgents and militants belonging to the other insurgent groups often establish check posts on main highways and abduct passengers on charges of working for or supporting the government and the national defense and security forces.