Afghanistan election auditThe Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced Monday that 86.2 percent of votes from the runoff election have been audited since the beginning of the audit and recount process.

IEC spokesman, Noor Mohammad Noor, told reporters that the audit teams have managed to audit 19,751 ballot boxes out of 22,828 boxes so far.

Noor further added that the commission is expecting to take decision regarding ballots of 5,000 which have been audited, as part of the validation and invalidation process.

He said the election commission will conduct audit on 3,077 ballot boxes in the presence of international and United Nations observers.

According to Noor, the election commissioners will once again take decision regarding the validation and invalidation of ballot boxes which have been audited on Tuesday.

The Independent Election Commission on Sunday took decision regarding the status of ballots cast at 5,000 polling stations from across the country where ballots from 236 polling stations were invalidated.

The election commissioners also validated ballots from 1,837 polling stations, while ballots from 2,165 polling stations were partially invalidated.

Ballots boxes invalidated on Sunday, included votes from 191 standard audit cases and 45 others were from special scrutiny cases.

According to IEC, ballot boxes which were partially invalidated, included votes from 915 standard audit cases while 1,250 were from special scrutiny cases.