January 17, 2018

Rage erupted over Veena Malik’s nude “ISI” FHM photo

By Ghanizada - Sat Dec 03 2011, 1:25 pm

Saturday, December 03, 2011 – Pakistani actress Veena Malik best known for her participation in India reality show ‘Big Boss’, whose nude photo on the cover of India’s edition of FHM magazine has stirred controversy in both Pakistan and India, has denied posing in the buff for the photo and claims that it is a fake, while the magazine editor maintains that the photo shoot was for real.

The December issue of FHM magazine, which carried a photo of Malik on its cover page, has caused a sensation in Pakistan both for the nudity and the tattoo on her arms of the initials of Pakistan’s controversial Inter-Services Intelligence Spy agency (ISI).

She has denied posing nude and has threatened to sue the magazine, whose editor Kabeer Sharma insists that he has a video and an email from Malik that prove the authenticity of the photo.

Pakistan`s Interior Minister Rahman Malik has said he had not seen the pictures. However, he contended that if Malik had done a nude shoot, “strict action” would be taken against her.

The Express Tribune newspaper in Pakistan quoted a representative of Ms Malik as saying, “Veena knows her limits. I know we have done quite bold stuff/shoots, those which are available on our website, but she knows her parameters.”

The cover has become the topic of discussions and debate in Pakistan, with numerous users of Twitter posting links to the webpage featuring Malik’s phogograph.

Over 80 comments that followed requested members of the page to ask Pakistan’s Supreme Court to cancel Malik’s nationality and to make sure that she does not live in the country again.

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  1. Time will tell if Pakistan has the will to indict Ms Malik for choosing to portray herself nude, but then again one has to understand as an actress it is her job as much as her faith is the job of certain clerics who now have to decide if its best to allow one woman to have her way rather that provoke an entire nation of women and future instances of going against what some are beginning to concede as irrelevant and malevolent attitudes towards women. Meanwhile perhaps those in power in Pakistan can begin to concentrate on the rampant strife and dichotomies that inflicts it everyday, never mind the sight of a purported naked women in a magazine.

  2. who cares if she is nude in a photo, its her right and its 2012 not 200 B.C. !!!

    1. Exactly! I hope she does a gallery of nude photos.

  3. If she wants to be nude, then so be it! Bollywood actresses are all going nude…so what? It’s her choice. Pakistan is a filthy country anyway, I hope she never goes back. Hey, we all want to see what the Paki Puti looks like anyways. Hope she trimmed it.

    1. @Punjabi Rhab, I question what guys must think about your sisters and mother… Fair enough you have a dispute with your neighbouring country, but do you have to resort to filthy talk which only points the finger back at your own mother, I’m sure your mother is not that advanced where she has had laser treatment, please do ask her if she trims lol. 

      Out of respect every individual is entled to live there life, although rules and regulations have been set in my opinion it takes a courages women to abide by them. You have good and bad in every country/religioun if you don’t like what Veena Malik is doing dont entertain it simple as that. 

      I visited Pakistan for the first time last year and I have to admit its a very lived in country not any different to India which I visited in 2011, although India can’t make up there mind which gods they want to worship seen as they have so many strange looking statues, one questions how can you possibly believe a statue is a god?… As the bible says there is only one god! 

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