Afghanistan’s acting Finance Minister on Wednesday confirmed the allegations of the lawmakers in the Parliament that $8 million worth of revenue is being embezzled at the country’s customs on daily basis.

He claimed that there are reports of corruption involving employees of the Ministry of finance, high-ranked police officials, governors, and ordinary citizens.

Ministers of finance, commerce and industries, and transport were summoned by Wolesi Jirga, house of the representatives to brief and account recent fires on fuel tankers in Herat, Farah, and Kabul provinces.

A number of members of the House of Representatives have stated that currently, 80% of customs revenues go to the mafia and the Taliban

Minister of Commerce and Industries, Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani said that there is also extortion on the highways along corrupt.

According to Ghoryani, Afghanistan’s poor economy is the main factor for such illegal activities to happen.

MPs were concerned over businessmen leaving the country because of corruption culture, and also criticized large salary scales of high ranked government employees.

Breshna Sherkat’s head and Head of ATRA both get more or about 600,000 of Salary, MPs criticized.

The ministry of transport did not participate in the session and lawmakers called for his impeachment in the coming future.

The minister of finance did not expose the names of those accused of corruption, despite MPs’ pressures.


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