At least eight donkeys were put into jail by the police authorities in India over the alleged destruction of precious plants, it has been reported.

According to the local media reports, the eight donkeys spent four days in Orai jail located in Jalaun district in Utter Pradesh state of the country

The donkeys were puti into jail after they allegedly ate up saplings planted in the residential block of district jail, according Times of India.

The authorities quoted by the newspaper said the donkeys belonging to Kamlesh, a local, on November 24 had devoured costly saplings and other crops.

Following instructions of senior jail authorities, the eight donkeys were rounded up and ‘lodged’ in district jail.

R K Mishra, a head constable at Orai jail said “These donkeys ate and damaged very expensive plants worth Rs 60,000. Kamlesh, their owner, despite repeated warnings, let loose his animals. On November 24, following instructions of our seniors, we lodged the donkeys in the jail.”

According to the reports, the donkeys were released from the jail on Monday after spending four days in the prison and with the intervention of a local BJP leader.

Orai jail superintendent Sita Ram Sharma said “There is no such law wherein we can arrest donkeys. They were confined for four days to teach a lesson to their owner who did not pay attention to our warnings. We let go of the animals on Monday only after Kamlesh gave us a written affidavit that from now on he will not allow his animals to roam in residential areas or places of public importance.”