afghan-air-force-c-130At least seven Taliban insurgents were killed in an airstrike in southern Uruzgan province of Afghanistan. (Afghan Air Force Photo By 438th Air Expeditionary Wing)

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said Monday that the airstrike was carried out in the vicinity of the provincial capital of the province.

According to a statement by MoD, a compound belonging to the Taliban insurgents was also destroyed in the airstrike.
The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the report so far.

Uruzgan is among the relatively volatile provinces in souther Afghanistan where the Taliban insurgents and militants belonging to other militant groups are actively operating in its various provinces and often carry out insurgency activities.

The Taliban group launched a coordinated attack on the provincial capital Tarinkot city earlier this but the attack was repulsed before the group manage to seize it’s control.

Several units of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces were deployed to push back the Taliban offensive besides the prominent police chief of Kandahar General Abdul Raziq visited the city to coordinate attack against the group.