The 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea, close to Turkey and Greece on Friday afternoon.

Waves of the hard-hit quake shook Izmir, the western part of Turkey, reportedly destroying more than 20 buildings.

People have gathered outside their residence rushing for safety, and probably scared of an aftershock.

Media showed people on the streets, and some residential and other constructions have turned into rubble.

The rescue efforts were launched as shown in the Turkish media, people and the rescue teams are still looking for survivors.

According to USGS, tremors were also felt in the northeast of the town of Néon Karlovásion on the Greek island of Somos 14 kilometers away from the epicenter.

Turkey’s disaster agency announced the jolts depth at around 17 kilometers in the Aegean sea.

Much of the damages are reported to have happened in the coastal cities of Turkey, as the rescue is ongoing death toll and injured updates are yet to come.

Sea level rose due to the earthquake, and there are reports of flooding in the city, some fishermen were also reportedly missing.

Updated reports indicate, At least 26 individuals are dead and 804 others have been injured.

In Greece, two teenagers were killed when a wall collapsed on the island of Samos, eight people are reported injured across the island.

A mini-Tsunami hit ports of Samos, as number of buildings were damaged. 

Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey with about 4.5 million residents.

According to USGS, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, and North Macedonia are the regions affected by this quake.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.