The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan on the occasion of Children’s day announced more than six million Afghan children are living in a critical condition.

The officials further added majority of the Afghan children are involved in hard work and are being sexually abused despite they do not have access to proper education.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan Mohammad Ali Iftikhari said Afghan children are being threatened by worse living conditions in the country despite various programs and projects have been implemented by governmental and non-governmental organizations during the past 10 years.

There is not an exact statistic regarding the number of Afghan children living in critical condition however Afghan Labor and Social Affairs Ministry said at least 60,000 Afghan children are living in a bad condition in capital Kabul.

Mr. Iftikhari also said they are closely working along with the international non-governmental organizations to prepare a strategy to improve the living condition of the Afghan children working on the streets.

In the meantime Afghan Education Ministry officials announced at least nine million Afghan children have been admitted to various schools in order to continue to their education.

Afghan Education Ministry officials also said they are working on various programs and strategies to further implement education facilities for the Afghan children.