070430-A-7096B-027At least 545 children were killed in 790 incidents in Afghanistan during the year 2013, according to a latest UN report.

The 47-page-report reveals that the children casualties has grown by 30 percent last year in Afghanistan as compared to the year 2012.

The report further adds that 1,149 children were also injured in various incidents where militant groups were involved.

Hezb-e-Islami party and the Taliban militants group was blamed for the majority of the children deaths in Afghanistan.

UN in its report also added that improvised explosive device (IED) and suicide attacks were the main causes for the death of children in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, UN said 81 children were killed in pro-government forces operations and 125 others were injured.

27 children were killed in NATO forces air raids and 19 others were injured, the report said, adding that 2 children were killed ad 59 civilians were injured in drone strikes.

The UN Secrtary General Ban ki-moon has said 167 children were killed during the cross fire between security forces and 432 others were injured.

Ban ki-moon also expressed concerns regarding the use of children in armed conflicts and for suicide attacks.

At least nine children out of 97 teeanagers carried out suicide attacks in 2013, the report said, adding that 25 teenagers were also hired by pro-government forces for armed conflicts.