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53 Indonesian submarine crew declared dead

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Missing Indonesian submarine debris was found, the submarine was left wrecked in three parts at the bottom of the Bali Sea.

Indonesian president also sent his condolences to the relatives of 53 crew inside the submarine.

During the rescue mission, new objects were found including a life vest belonging to the personnel on board of 44-year old KRI Nanggala-402 submarine, which was lost while conducting a torpedo drill on Wednesday.

Reports indicate all of the crew have died in the submarine, Indonesia’s Navy Chief of Staff Yudo Margono called the incident a natural disaster blaming the “forces of nature” as evidence indicates the submarine did not experience a blackout.

KRI Nangala was found broken into three parts, the hull of the ship, the stern of the ship and the main parts were all separated but the main part was found with a crack in it and other scattered were seen around the drowned submarine.

Upon the discovery of the KRI Nangala President Joko Widodo sent his condolences to the families of the victims.

“All of us Indonesians express our deep sorrow over this tragedy, especially to the families of the submarine crew,” he said.

The submarine was detected through a sonar scan at the depth 850 meters away beyond the Nanggala’s diving range.

More than a dozen helicopters and ships were involved in the search and rescue operation with the assistance of the United States, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia following the missing news of the submersible ship.

Local media outlets in Indonesia reported that recovering few critical items from the submarine is possible but it would be crucial to get the remaining parts of the vessel.

Recovery operations are underway to help identify victims once bodies are retrieved from the ocean.

The urge began to updated and modernize Indonesia’s defense forces after the recent destruction of the country’s vessel.

Indonesians dubbed the matter a lesson for the government to advance its military technology and must not put people’s lives at risk of such incidents.

Indonesia has reportedly sought to revamp its military capabilities, but some equipment is still old and could lead to other fatal accidents.

Indonesia is equipped with five submarines, two German built 209s including Nanggala and three new vessels.

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