Afghansitan unemploymentThe government of Afghanistan expressed concerns regarding unemployment issues in the country which is considered to be one of the main motives behind growing insurgency.

According to the officials at least 500,000 job opportunities will be required amid NATO troops withdrawal from the country and as the foreign aid tapers off that will have direct impact over the economy of Afghanistan.

The officials further added that the jobes needs to be created within a year to combat growing unemployment.

Some of the international organizations incuding local companies are making workers redundant as international aid mooney declines and foreign troops are preparing to leave Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s economy needs to rebuild on its own as the international community remains lukewarm in its commitment to Afghanistan’s economic future.
At a meeting of international donors on July 7, 2012, pledges from the international community fell $2 billion per year short of what Afghanistan’s central bank had requested.

The uncertainty surrounding Afghanistan’s economy is injecting fear into the country at a time when its youngest generations are in serious need of reassurance.

However as the number of the qualified candidates increases, some of the Afghans are setting up ways to find employemtn without government help.