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5,000 foreign tourists visited the country in the past two years: Ministry


The Ministry of Information and Culture of the de facto administration has announced that over the past two years, nearly 5,000 tourists from various countries have visited the country’s ancient sites.

Muhajir Farahi, the professional deputy of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Taliban administration, has emphasized the importance of ensuring the security of foreign tourists in the country.

According to Farahi, the group has facilitated tourism for foreign citizens, with most of them coming to Afghanistan to visit its ancient and historical areas.

Previously, officials, reported an increase in foreign tourists in several provinces of the country, including Herat, Ghazni, and Badakhshan.

Meanwhile, Against the Compass and Untamed Borders, two renowned British companies, have stated that the demand for foreign tourist visits to Afghanistan has increased significantly compared to the past.

According to these British companies, Kabul, Bamyan, Herat, Balkh, and Ghazni are the provinces most visited by foreign tourists.

At the same time, according to statistics, in the last month alone, more than three thousand foreign tourists have entered and exited Afghanistan through airports and land routes.

This comes amid a harsh winter and a dire humanitarian crisis, there has been a notable return of refugees from neighboring countries. The difficult conditions have compelled many to come back to Afghanistan despite the challenges that await them at home.

Additionally, the return of these refugees occurs amidst the restrictive policies imposed by the Taliban, which have severely limited basic rights, including access to education and employment for women. These restrictions have not only affected the lives of Afghan women but also hindered the country’s progress and development.

The international community has expressed concern over these policies, calling for the restoration of rights and freedoms in Afghanistan. The situation remains complex, with the need for a balanced approach that addresses security concerns, promotes human rights, and supports the country’s path towards stability and prosperity.



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