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50% drop in Uzbekistan’s electricity to Afghanistan


The Afghanistan Power Supply Company has announced a 50% reduction in electricity imports from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan due to technical issues.

Hakmatullah Miwandai, the spokesperson for the company said on Monday, February 19th, stated in a message on its social media X that the reason for the reduction in electricity imports was technical problems.

According to this department, in addition to substations in Kabul, Khulm, and Khanjan, power imports to Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir, Samangan, Nangarhar, Laghman, Ghazni, Maidan Wardak, Logar, Paktia, and Khost have increased.

This is happening while the majority of Afghanistan’s imported electricity comes from neighboring countries Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

It is worth mentioning that every year, due to the arrival of winter and an increase in the consumption of power, power imports increase.

Previously, the power supply company of the country had announced a contract for electricity imports for 2024 with Uzbekistan and emphasized on increasing the amount of Uzbekistan’s electricity exports to Afghanistan, reducing electricity tariffs, and facilitating visas for technical staff of this company.

Amid a harsh winter gripping the nation, concerns mount as electricity shortages persist, exacerbating the challenges faced by the populace. With the reduction in electricity imports from Uzbekistan, compounded by technical issues, complaints regarding inadequate power supply across the country have escalated.

With temperatures dropping, the need for reliable electricity becomes even more urgent, underscoring the importance of finding effective solutions to ease the burden on Afghan citizens during these difficult times.



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