Omar Zwak-Helmand Governor's spokesmanOmar Zwak, spokesman for acting governor of Helmand has turned down reports of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIS) or DAESH reaching Helmand province.

“There is no such group with the name of DAESH”, he said.

Residents of Sangeen district at the beginning of this month said that a new group has started operating in their areas wearing black clothes and carry black flag.

Residents said that the group is joining hands against the Taliban under the command of Abdul Rauf an ex-Taliban devotee.

Local officials confirmed that a gun battle has also taken place between the new formed armed group and Taliban which has left about 20 people dead from both sides.

In the meantime, Taliban leaderships have asked fighters not to allow ISIS operate in Afghanistan.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) which is also known as ISIS, IS or DAESH last June enlarged their attacks against security forces in Iraq and Syria and took more areas from them.

The group according to reports is in the hassle to enhance the network leaving Al-Qaeda and all other terrorist groups behind.

The group after occupying more areas in Iraq and Syria is  now reportedly busy in recruiting fighters in other countries including central Asia.


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