December 17, 2017

44 Daesh militants killed in Nangarhar’s Achin District

By Khaama Press - Tue Feb 16 2016, 8:43 am

ISIS (1)Security officials say Operation Shaheen 18 launched against insurgents in Achin District on Saturday has been successfully going on.

General Fazal Ahmad Shirzad, Police Chief of Nangarhar and Brigadier General Mohammad Nasim Sangin who is commanding the Afghan National Army in the area said 44 militants have been killed and 18 others wounded in the operation so far.

While talking to a press conference in the area on Monday, the operation commanders said that several villages have been cleared of militants and security forces recovered large number of weapons and ammunition belonging to the terrorist group of Daesh during the operation.

Meanwhile, 13 militants have been killed in an internal clash in Karkani area of Achin District.

Fighters of the Islamic State (IS) which also goes by its Arabic name ‘Daesh’ and others belonging to Taliban group came across in the area on Sunday and opened fire on each other.

Eight other militants were killed in the clash.

Nangarhar has become the battle ground of Taliban and Daesh where they have announced ‘Jihad’ against each other.

Loyalists of Daesh are former members of Taliban. They separated ways with Taliban after the Islamic State (IS) militant group which is also known by its Arabic name ‘Daesh’ came into shape.

The two sides have fought in a number of Afghan provinces but the most deadly clashes have been erupting in Nangarhar province.

Achin, Haska Meena and Bati Kot are among the districts of Nangarhar where both sides have killed/beheaded dozens of each other’s fighters.

Due to the tense situation and continued clashes between the two groups, hundreds of families have been forced to leave their homes in those areas.

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