November 21, 2018

4 injured after Abdullah’s observers attack election workers with knives

By Ghanizada - Tue Aug 19 2014, 10:13 pm

Abdullah observerAt least four people were injured after an observer of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah attacked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) worker during the audit process.

The incident took place around 5:30 pm local time on Tuesday following a brawl between the Abdullah observers and IEC workers in one of the warehouses of election commission, an official said.

The official speaking on the condition of anonymity futher added that the assailants managed to flee the area after stabbing the election workers.

He said the injured election workers were taken to hospital for treatment and there are no reports regarding their health condition.

Preliminary reports suggest that the incident took place after the election workers brought a ballot box from IEC store to the recount centre, but was opposed by Abdullah observers who started attacking the election workers.

Kabul security officials have not commented regarding the incident so far.

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  1. What do you expect from Abdulla worker and supporters, shame on them .

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