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37-Year-Old Pervert, Arrested For Sexually Abusing Chickens


Rehan Baig, a 37-year-old pervert man from England, has been sentenced to three years in prison for sexually abusing chickens.

According to the Daily Mail, the man had been sexually abusing chickens for some time and his wife, Haleema Baig, was videotaping him.

The court also sentenced his wife to six years in home detention, the report said.

Daily mail, reports the wife said her husband was abusive and was forcing her to videotape his pervert actions.

Chickens sexually abused, were family pets and the footage was saved under the file name ‘family vids’ according to the investigations.

indulging in the ‘depraved and perverted’ acts, Rehan was sentenced to three years.

 In one instance Baig appeared to be having sex with a chicken that was already dead.

Rehan also pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photographs of children, some aged just six years old, as well as the possession of 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin, Daily mail reports.

Daily mail quoted Judge Mansell telling Haleema Baig: “You gave the appearance of having enjoyed some of the sexual acts with the chickens and dog”

Haleema Baig, 38

But due to suffering Domestic abuse, the judge suspended his wife for six months of Jail time.

The offences came to light after a raid on the couple’s home in Great Horton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, on July 9 last year,

Investigations were reportedly conducted by the National Crime Agency who were acting on intelligence that Baig had images of sexual abuse of children. 

Daily Mail reports, Two computer towers, a laptop, and a mobile phone were seized and examined and images and videos of child abuse – 11 in the most serious category A – were recovered. 



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