At least thirty seven personnel of the Ministry of Interior have been arrested on various charges including corruption and espionage.

The officials in the directorate of intelligence in the Ministry of Interior informed regarding the detention of the personnel on Monday.

The officials further added that the arrests were made during the ongoing year and several civilian and military personnel are among those held.

At least 28 policemen and 9 civilian personnel have been arrested on charges of corruption, bribery, espionage, fake signature, fake documents production, fake stamps, sexual abuse, murder, misuse of power, use of alcohol, misuse of weapons, sell of security cameras, negligence on duty, and sell f weapons and ammunition, the officials added.

According to the intelligence directorate officials of interior ministry, the personnel were arrested based on intelligence reports and their cases have been referred to the judiciary institutions.

They also added that efforts are still underway to trace and arrest the corrupt personnel of the ministry, insisting that any official or personnel of the ministry found guilty of having role in corruption and other cases will be dismissed and referred to judiciary.