pak-army-exeThe Pakistan military fired 32 more rockets in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan in the latest wave of cross-border shelling.

According to local government officials, the cross-border shelling started late Saturday and continued until early Sunday morning.

Provincial security chief, Gen. Abdul Habib Syed Khel said at least 32 rockets landed in Dangam district.

Gen. Syed Khel confirmed that the shelling did not incur any casualties to the local resident; however, he expressed concerns that the government has not taken any step to halt the shelling.

The Pakistani military has been shelling eastern Kunar and other provinces located near the Durand Line during the recent years which has left dozens of people dead or injured.

Pakistan has intensified cross-border shelling in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan during the recent weeks, besides violating the airspace of Afghanistan.

Pakistan carried out an airstrike in Kunar province earlier late last month which sparked furor among the Afghan officials, while Pakistani jet aircrafts violated the airspace of Afghanistan last week.


  • Ahmad Shah Ghani Zada is the former Senior Editor of Khaama Press Agency who managed and overlooked the English edition. He is occasionally contributing stories to the agency.