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22 militants joined peace process in Kundoz

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KundozA group of 22 militants who were fighting against government in northern Kundoz province have joined peace process after efforts being made by Afghanistan’s intelligence agency or National Directorate of Security (NDS).

The group laid down their guns during a special gathering attended by several government officials and local elders in Kundoz.

Commander of the group after separating ways with insurgents and stepping back from war promised to live in peace.

The group was involved in fighting against government in Gur Tepe, Zarkharid and Logari localities of Kundoz city.

After laying down guns, the group apparently weakened the current resistance of Taliban against security forces in Kundoz city.

A few weeks before hundreds of Taliban rebels attacked security check posts in Imam Sahib District and Gor Tepe and other areas of Kundoz city which engulfed a serious gun battle between the two sides.

Security forces have pushed back Taliban from several areas but the resistance is not ended yet.

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