Taliban-fighters-in-a-mad-006At least 21 Taliban militants were killed during joint military operations and clashes with the Afghan police forces in eastern Ghanzi province of Afghanistan.

According to local government officials, the militants were killed or injured in Andar and Geru districts.

Abdulllah Khairkhwah, district governor for Geru said at least 18 militants were killed during military operations conducted by Afghan police, Afghan army and local residents (public uprising forces) in this district.

Mr. Khairkhwah further added that the military operations were launched few days back to clear the area from the militants.

In the meantime district chief for Andar, Qasim Desiwal said at least 7 militants were killed or injured during clashes with the Afghan police forces on Wednesday.

Mr. Desiwal further added that Afghan national security forces did not suffer any casualties during the clashes.

Taliban militants group yet to comment regarding the reports.