Two hundred dead birds have fallen from the sky in a bizarre phenomenon, with officials launching an investigation to find out what might have caused it.

The starlings plummeted down on locals in Ferrol, north-western Spain, around 9 am.

Local media said the dead birds hit cars and people outside the Juan Cardona Hospital, although police confirmed there were no injuries.

The issue has been handed over to the environment department, which collected two hundred birds for analysis to determine the cause of the death.

Mapi Rodríguez, president of the local resident association, said: “They came out of the trees in the emergency area of the hospital, flew a few meters and plummeted to the pavement.

“The birds have been collected and we are now waiting to find out what happened. We are told it won’t be easy.”

Out of the hundreds of birds that fell, two have been taken by a regional environment agency for analysis, with Ferrol City Council also joining in on the investigation.