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20 Tons of Expired Food Burned in Northern Afghanistan

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The Directorate of Public Health in Kunduz province of northern Afghanistan stated that about 20 tons of expired and substandard food were collected and torched.

The environmental health director of the Public Health Kunduz Directorate, Ahmad Noor Omarzai stated on Saturday, December 3 that 20 tons of expired food were accumulated in 8 months.

According to the health official, the expired food materials were collected from wholesale and retail stores in Kunduz city and the surrounding areas and estimated the cost of the materials at 5 million Afghanis.

According to the Acting Director of Public Health in Kunduz, his office is committed to preventing the sale of expired, substandard foods and medications and will take legal action against the sellers.

The authorities ordered the retailers to avoid selling low-quality, outdated products and warned the residents to be careful of the materials’ quality and expiration date to prevent related illnesses.

Previously, the provinces’ public health offices would gather and burn expired, poor-quality foodstuffs and medicines from the cities.

About 50 tons of expired medicinal and food items were collected and burned by the Balkh province Directorate of Public Health a few weeks ago in Mazar-e-Sharif, the provincial capital.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report stating that Afghanistan is currently dealing with a range of disease outbreaks, including malaria, whooping cough, Covid-19, dengue fever,  and many more which have also resulted in a significant number of fatalities.



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